un|for|tu|nate1 S3 [ʌnˈfo:tʃənət US -ˈfo:r-] adj
1.) someone who is unfortunate has something bad happen to them
When we entered the room, the teacher was yelling at some unfortunate student.
2.) an unfortunate situation, condition, quality etc is one that you wish was different
an unfortunate turn of events
He has an unfortunate habit of repeating himself.
it is unfortunate (that)
It's unfortunate that so few people seem willing to help.
It's most unfortunate (=very unfortunate) that your father can't come to the wedding.
3.) happening because of bad luck
an unfortunate accident
4.) formal unfortunate behaviour, remarks etc make people feel embarrassed or offended
an unfortunate choice of words
unfortunate 2
unfortunate2 n
literary someone who has no money, home, job etc

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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